Transylvania Mountain Festival

The international mountain festival from Cluj-Napoca – TRANSYLVANIA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL, is an initiative designed to inspire the public to engage in outdoor sports and go out in Nature, in the mountains. The beautiful Carpathians from Romania are an open invitation for any mountain lover.

From meetings with athletes and experts in the areas skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, canyoning, caving, paragliding and BASE jumping, to mountain film documentaries, mountain and adventure photography exhibitions and workshops or mountain technology innovations, the international mountain festival from Cluj-Napoca brings a modern perspective on mountain activities in Eastern Europe.

Transylvania Mountain Festival brings on stage 4 main sections:


On the ground, on the mountain, in mountain waters, underground and in the air

SPORT section will be approached through the exhibition area and will intersect the experience section. It depicts the activities that can be practiced on the mountain and around it.

  • On the mountains: hiking, trail running, MTB, mountaineering, ski, snowboard, rock climbing, navigation.
  • In mountain waters: canyoning, rafting, kayaking, swimming.
  • Underground: caving
  • Up in the air: paragliding, skydiving, BASE jump.


Education about mountain safety, nature, navigation, culture.

CAMPUS section has an educational role and will be expressed through workshops, expo area and the experience area.

  • Interactive workshops on mountain safety, Nature, Navigation and Mountain Cuture.
  • Expo for projects that target Nature conservation and research.
  • Movie and photography making in natural environments
  • Mountain safety seminars (summer and winter)


Devices, equipment, apps, VR/AR

The INNOVATION section has an educational role and consists in exhibiting equipments and devices of last generation that mountain lovers and outdoor sports fans can have access to.

  • Disemination of safety, protection and orientation technologies.
  • Dissemination of environment protection technologies
  • Testing VR/AE apps


Film, photography, debates, workshops

The EXPERIENCE section aims to present mountains in front of the audience through:

  • Documentary films
  • Artisitic films
  • Photography
  • Video productions
  • Talks with guest athletes, alpinists, mountain guides and other mountain professionals.