Enter the 2022 TMF – Mountain Film Competition NOW! Submit you adventure shorts, mountain feature and mountain documentaries.

The 5th expedition of TMF – Transylvania Mountain Festival in Romania launches a challenging theme for all competitions in 2022: Limitless.

The TMF MOUNTAIN FILM COMPETITON & AWARD is a project of TRANSYLVANIA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL. This year’s key theme – LIMITLESS – is an invitation for YOU to share your authentic mountain stories, your alpine adventures and explorations from your own perspective, with a fresh audience, in search of new inspiration.

At TRANSYLVANIA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL, we are out to explore, to discover, to innovate and engage in audacious projects. The Limitless theme gives you an unbounded freedom on where to take your narrative. You can start your story from the depths of the mountain to the wildest ridges and peaks! We are curious where real life shakes hands with imagination.

Embrace the authenticity of life and enter the 2021 TMF – Mountain Film Competition now!

About TMF – Transylvania Mountain Festival Film Award

Founded in 2018, Transylvania Mountain Film Award was created to encourage filmmakers and mountain sports athletes – alpinists, climbers, skiers, snowboarders, paraglider pilots, bikers, cavers, runners, kayakists – and mountain nature observers and explorers to co-create original film/video productions. It is a huge challenge, yet it produced amazing results!


Mountain Adventure Shorts – (20 min.) – unleash a limitless experience on mountaineering, skiing, caving, deep solo voiding, free flight, kite skiing, biking or other and make your story heard!

Mountain Feature Film –(40 – 75 min.) – where we invite you to explore the potential of the limitless theme in a more creative manner: your choice of topic, of scenery and key cast, your narrative and creativity will be the differentiator.

Mountain Documentary – (40 – 75 min.) – is the category where we invite mountain sport, landscape and wild life documentarists to embark in the beautiful journey of bringing their stories to the audience.


Enter the 2022 TMF – Mountain Film Competition now and follow the rules of film submission published on the Transylvania Mountain Festival Film Competition page.

This competition is international, the films must be included in one single category, and we ask you to respect the deadlines:

Submission deadline: 16.10.2022

Notification date: 26.10.2022

In order to provide the necessary amount of time for selection and translations of subtitles, late entries will not be accepted.


One of the key reasons to become a part of our friendly festival is that the official film selection are normally presented live, with guests and athletes. In the general covid19 context we may be forced to deliver the film show online (depending on the sanitary conditions in October – November 2022), but we will make sure that the films will meet their audience.

The directors, the producers or the main protagonists will have the chance to be put in the spotlight in front of the regional and international audience.

All conditions should be suitable by November 2021, the winner will be on stage at  Transylvania Mountain Festival Awards Gala*, on November 26, 2022.

Technical Specifications: pre-screeners should be sent to the organizers in .mov or .mp4 and please note that separate subtitles are mandatory.

Please check the complete submission and technical requirements on Transylvania Mountain Film Competition Page.

Submit Your Mountain Film Now:

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For more information feel free to contact us on film@transylvaniamountainfestival.ro