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Transylvania Mountain Festival
Transylvania Mountain Festival

Julia Roger-Veyer – A Rising Talent In Mountain Photography 

#interview #mountainphotography #sportphotography We have met Julia Roger-Veyer through her work submitted in the mountain photography competition for the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2021 edition. Julia has won the TMF 2021 Mountain Photography Award by impressing [...]

Guillaume Broust On The Making Of “Swissway to Heaven”

#interview #rockclimbing #film Swissway to Heaven, co-produced in 2021 by Guillaume Broust and Cédric Lachat, directed by Guillaume Broust and featuring elite climbers Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez, Fabien Dugit, Tobias Suter, Roger Schaeli, Beat Kammerlander, Claude Remy [...]

Interview: Daniel Bleuer On The Making Of Paradice

#interview #iceclimbing #newgeneration Since it is ice climbing season, we are glad to present the story behind the impressive manifesto of Paradice (A journey into frozen waterfalls) the adventure short directed by the swiss team formed of [...]

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