November 24


Have you heard of a beautiful place on the mountains or have you seen some pictures that urge you to go on a hike? You start by opening the map and by looking to find out which route takes you to your touristical objective and which markings to follow. While hiking you always look for the next marking and you follow the path that goes up to the top. But have you ever wondered who makes the trails and what are the long-distance paths? Do you know how we distinguish between tourist and forest markings or the boundaries of protected areas? What are all the signs we see in the forest or along the path?

Potecătorii şi Ecouri Verzi invite you on a hike in Trascăului Mountains  and at a workshop about touristic marking, trails and volunteering for mountains.

Where will we go?

We will follow an educational path with a special view over the massif Colţii Trascăului – Piatra Secuiului. We visit a medieval iron mine, discover traces of animals, identify trees and learn how to pack our backpack when we go to the mountains or volunteer in the mountains.

How do I sign up?

Come to TMF Transylvania Mountain Festival powered by Garmin Cluj to discover the secrets of nature and markings together, to find out who takes care of the trails and how you can get involved!

The activity is free of charge, it is aimed at participants of all ages and consists of a light hike, with small differences in level, nature education activities and a workshop on how to make markings.

The meeting is on Sunday, 24.11.2019, 10.00 am, at the spring in the center of Rimetea commune. For registrations and other details please write an email to and sign in the form below, follow the messages sent on the dedicated event on Facebook.

Since places are limited, for organizational reasons, we recommend you to register here:

For details and information write to us:

ASOCIATIA ECOURI VERZI is a mountain club and environmental protection NGO in Cluj-Napoca that organizes mountain hikes and volunteering activities for all ages, restores mountain paths, contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, runs nature education workshops and promotes responsible tourism. The association initiated the Potecătorii, Clubul Naturii şi Ecodidactica and created the Children’s Passport for Protected Areas.

POTECATORII is a volunteer program for the mountain through which several mountain clubs contribute to the maintenance, restoration and construction of hiking trails. It is the most international program of this kind from us in the country and is open to volunteers of all ages, regardless of the mountain experience they have.