TMF Mountain Photography Competition And Award

Transylvania Mountain Photography Award, founded in 2018, we aim to create a space dedicated to the art of photography in the mountain environment in order to promote mountain exploration and to communicate about those places who impress and inspire us.

Each year we launch a key theme for all festival competitions. For 2020 the lead theme is VERTICAL STORIES and we leave it up to YOU to get inspired and send in your mountain photos!

The Mountain Photography categories for the 2020 competition are:

1. Mountain Sport Photography – Share your vertical stories about rock climbing, alpine skiing, free riding, mountain biking, snowboarding, trail running, caving, canyoning, paragliding, river kayaking, ice climbing, jumping, high-lining, river surfing, or other mountain sports

2. Mountain Landscape Photography – Impress us with astonishing views from the mountains at all altitudes, all seasons and different environments: underground caves, forests, rocks, glaciers, mountain lakes, mountain rivers, remote mountain areas and natural parks.


  • Submission deadline: 04.09.2020
  • Notification date: 25.09.2020
  • We do not accept late entries.

Technical Requirements:

  • We highly recommend that all submitted images strive to cover the following mountain milieus: above-the-ground, underground, water and air.
  • The exhibited images format will be: 30 x 45 cm, 300 dpi (min 2500 px / height)
  • Number of admitted submissions/category: 3 images / category (6 per participant)
  • Each image should be noted from 1 to n, category, followed by the author’s name, the year when it was shot, title name and place (for example: 1_B_Mihai Popescu_2018_Carpathians landscape_Șureanu Mountains)
  • Images must be sent without watermark

Official Selection And Winners:

  • The official TMF exhibition is normally scheduled during the festival, in  November 2020. (the live exhibition will take place provided that the COVID19 context allows it. We will keep you posted)
  • Copyrights remain to the authors, the organizers of TMF having the right to use the selected images during Transylvania Mountain Festival.
  • The selected photographers for the official exhibition will benefit of media exposure and featured interviews.
  • The winner will be announced during the Transylvania Mountain Festival Awards Gala, on November 14, 2020. (provided that the COVID19 context allows it. We will keep you posted)
  • The jury  also reserves the right to not present an award, and its decision will be final.


The competition and the exhibition is coordinated by:

  • Dan Tăuțan – outdoor photography, sports photography, event photography
  • Alexandu Sava – adventure photography, outdoor photography, action photography
  • Gabriel Roșca – outdoor photography, advertising photography, event photography