During July 2020 Transylvania Mountain Festival in partnership with Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca – the Faculty of Geography, has started an internship program – Mountains of Romania for Active Tourism | Adventure Digital Catalogue – designed for students, of the Faculty of Geography, from Tourism Geography Department – bachelor level and  Touristic Landscaping and Development – masters level.

The Goal

The internship rolled out during the summer of 2020 – Mountain of Romania for active tourism | Adventure Digital Catalogue – aims to involve students in a larger marketing research about adventure mountain sports in Romania.


This internship has been held exclusively online during July – September 2020, and was animated by the involvement and enthusiasm of around 60 students who got the chance to put in practice their knowledge of documenting the assigned mountain groups,  to handle digital maps and present the results of their research.

The studied areas include 91 mountains from the Western Carpathians, the Southern Carpathians, the Eastern Carpathians and Dobrogea Mountains. The complexity of the research theme results from the difficulty of identifying the touristic marketing differentiators of each studied subject.

A special component of the internship was the practice and proficient use of  the new technologies and software in the field, in order to prepare students with advanced digital competencies.

In order to stimulate creative thinking, to better support the conclusions of the research and to improve the promotion means of the touristic areas, the internship also included workshops on making online video materials.

Since Transylvania Mountain Festival runs 4 international competitions and is designed for global outdoor sports lovers, the students had the chance to practice their English skills in an applied and creative manner.

Remote collaboration skills with specialized field units were also a topic: students had to collaborate with Mountain Rescue Centers in Romania, with Touristic Information Centers, with specialized sport clubs and local tourism agencies, or even with  field photographers and videographers.

Conclusions and Follow-Up

The results of the research and the experience of the students involved until now will be presented as an adventure digital catalogue available for outdoor sports people from the country and afar.

Learning about the reality in the field, connecting with local operators and actively engaging students in the touristic development, according to global trends are our strongest intentions. We believe that in this way, they will succeed to become those tourism specialists that can contribute to the sustainable tourism through, knowledge, innovation and creativity. We are happy that TMF was open for collaboration and that we managed, during this difficult times for tourism, to keep the students close to us, across the summer, in a fully online internship, yet very attractive, with  effective and useful results for those who wish to explore our mountains and be active in this context!   Congratulations to all the 60 active students for their courage and results, congratulations TMF for everything you do!“ – senior lecturer Ph. D. Cristina Bolog – Faculty of Geography, Babeș-Bolyai University.

We are happy that the Faculty of Geography from Babeș-Bolyai Univeristy, Cluj-Napoca is open to prepare its students for the digital environment and the use of innovative technologies. TMF Association promotes knowledge and exploration of the mountain milieu through sport, education, art and science – while Transylvania Mountain Festival is the place where athletes, explorers, innovators and creators who love Mountains and Nature meet. This internship was one of the most creative ways through which we were able to  remotely involve students, due to the current context. We totally loved their enthusiasm and feedback.” – Diana Ciorba – Cofounder Transylvania Mountain Festival, marketing expert.

We hope that this was the start of a beautiful cooperation among TMF Association and Babeș-Bolayi University – the Faculty of Geography. The students continue to bring their ideas and proposals, and this is fantastic to see! We think we have a really cool generation of geographers and tourism specialists, and they can produce a massive change in how we approach the field.