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Colin Haley is an American alpinist who has done some of the toughest climbs in Patagonia and quite a few spectacular link-ups, some in a unique style.

He has grew up in the United States, surrounded by nature, with the Cascade Mountains as a secondary backyard. He received his first ice axe when he was 11 years old.  The next year, while climbing the classic West Ridge of Forbidden Peak together with his father and his older brother, he discovered the core elements of alpinism – exhilaration, exertion, exhaustion, fear, awe, relaxation and an elemental satisfaction.  Since youth he climbed constantly and in his 20’s he emerged on the world alpinism stage through climbs in Patagonia where he became Rolando Garibotti’s climbing partner.

His dedication led him to the great opportunity of becoming a professional athlete, to climb nearly full-time, which was his dream since fourteen-years-old. 

 He climbs mostly in the Western hemisphere and his loftiest dreams remain big, committing, beautiful and highly-technical.

We are happy to have Colin as a guest at this episode of the podcast where we ask him about expeditions in the high mountain ranges, adventure climbing, fear, moving to Chamonix and his short term plans. 

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You can follow Colin Haley on his official accounts:


facebook: alpinistcolinhaley

instagram: colinhaley1