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Transylvania Mountain Festival
Transylvania Mountain Festival

Julia Roger-Veyer – A Rising Talent In Mountain Photography 

#interview #mountainphotography #sportphotography We have met Julia Roger-Veyer through her work submitted in the mountain photography competition for the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2021 edition. Julia has won the TMF 2021 Mountain Photography Award by impressing the jury and the public with stunning sport and landscape photos that have carried us above the summits and glaciers in the French Alps. Since then, Julia has constantly developed her photographer career by shooting more alpine adventures, by challenging [...]

Guillaume Broust On The Making Of “Swissway to Heaven”

#interview #rockclimbing #film Swissway to Heaven, co-produced in 2021 by Guillaume Broust and Cédric Lachat, directed by Guillaume Broust and featuring elite climbers Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez, Fabien Dugit, Tobias Suter, Roger Schaeli, Beat Kammerlander, Claude Remy and Stephan Siegrist won the great Transylvania Mountain Festival – Mountain Film Trophy in 2021. For our festival’s 2021 edition, themed Above The Summits, the film also won the TMF Best Climbing Film Award. Therefore a double applause for the [...]

Dominique Snyers: “Loic and the Flolopapys” – The Real Story

#interview #rockclimbing #film This weekend we are eager to see again,  on a giant screen this time (!) at Iulius Park, “Loic and the Flolopapys”, a documentary film on rock climbing and a group of young friends, directed by Dominique Snyers. Nominated in the semifinals for the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2020 Trophy, we enjoyed the story presented by Dominique and we also have discovered his immense passion for mountaineering and knowledge sharing. In this special interview, we [...]

Claudia Crema: “Light In The Dark” – Exploration of Remeron Caves

#interview #speleology #RemeronCaves Mountains can be discovered both on the outside and on the inside! Since the first edition of Transylvania Mountain Festival we have tried to show the audience different perspectives about the mountains. Last year, we were impressed by a special project from Italy: "Light In the Dark - History and Exploration of the Remeron Cave" directed by Claudia Crema in collaboration with Guglielmo Ronaghi and the Prealpine Speleological Group GSP. Since we discovered in [...]

Interview: Catherine Destivelle – The Beauty And Joy Of The Ascent

#interview #rockclimbing #alpinism #freeclimbing Catherine Destivelle is one of those unique alpinists of all times who raised the standards and gracefully revealed the beauty beyond the difficulties of any ascent. Climbing some of the biggest routes in the Alps in hear teen years, Catherine had a staggering evolution in sport climbing in the ‘80s, becoming soon the first woman to redpoint 8a. With a genuine passion for free soloing, Catherine Destivelle has broken gender barriers in alpinism [...]

Interview: Daniel Bleuer On The Making Of Paradice

#interview #iceclimbing #newgeneration Since it is ice climbing season, we are glad to present the story behind the impressive manifesto of Paradice (A journey into frozen waterfalls) the adventure short directed by the swiss team formed of Daniel Bleuer, Jonas Schild and Nicolas Hojac. The movie impressed our Transylvania Mountain Festival film jury with its inspiring scenes and the message carried to the audience by the three top mountaineers and climbers. Still shot during the Paradice [...]

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