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Transylvania Mountain Festival
Transylvania Mountain Festival

Cucaș Mountains: More Than A Winter Tale, An Emotion Or An Immaculate Dream

#hiking #Ciucaș #Carpathians #VerticalStories #Garmin #InstinctSolar Rodica Voicu, a supporter of the TMF initiative continues her adventures along the Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch in the Carpathians of Romania! This time, Rodica invited us in Ciucaș mountains in the Carpathians of Curvature! WE hope that her joyful way of telling mountain stories, will be an incentive to explore the mountains of Romania Rodica Voicu in Ciucaș Mountains / photo: Mihai David Ciucaș Mountains: Winter Hiking I was [...]

Interview: Marc Brulard – Winner of Transylvania Mountain Festival 2020 Film Award

#interview #MarcBrulard #TMF2020 #film #winner #award Marc Brulard is one of those genuinely passionate people who chose an all in strategy for the yearly competitions of Transylvania Mountain Festival! And it definitely did worth it! He impressed the jury with both his real life documentary on mountaineering and his way of declining the vertical story theme during his photography selection. Bringing a raw and honest perspective on how people and women are approaching mountaineering and climbing, Marc [...]

Behind The Scenes: Tic-Toc – Crossing The Valdivian Forest

#interview #kayak #exploration #Valdivian #Chile Straight form Argentina, Tic-Toc was a film project that the public at Transylvania Mountain festival enjoyed a lot! It is a thrilling kayakers story about a group of explorers who try to reach the Trébol Lake, crossing through the Valdivian rainforest in the Aysen region, in Chile. The adventure short is directed by a team of two: Bianca Fidani and Nils Bailey. The amazing bbe team with Bianca and Nils on [...]

Winter on Moldoveanu Peak: Snow, Starry Sky, The Joy of Ascent and Garmin Technology

#hiking #Făgărași #Moldoveanu #VerticalStories #Garmin #technology At Transylvania Mountain Festival we rejoice for each mountain story shared by the people close to us. This year, we had the joy to meet Rodica Voicu, a supporter of the TMF initiatives, who has been following us from the distance, online and has won the nice Garmin Instinct Solar, orchid color, offered by Garmin Romania at the festival raffle! Being a scientist and mathematician, passionate by the mountains and mountaineering, [...]


After years of experience directing content for TV, cinema, and brands, Pierre Cadot and Thomas Guerin associated to create Yucca Films. Based in the Chamonix valley, both skiers and climbers, they decided 4 years ago to focus on outdoor & mountain film projects. With deep stories and images of passionate individuals in the mountains, they create films that stick to the truth and bring back from the outdoor, moments that could not be told otherwise. Collaborating with different talents, they produce and direct projects, from the story line to [...]


Charlotte Edelsten is a Sleep Specialist and Human Movement Scientist. Having completed her PhD in human movement biomechanics and physical activity performance and participation, she moved to the French alps and took a post doctoral position at Geneva University Hospital in 2009, where she worked between the sleep laboratory and the laboratory of kinesiology (movement). This is where her interest in sleep developed. Charlotte has held several academic posts over the past few years, where she researches the [...]

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