@ TMF 2019 powered by GARMIN

Five days of shared passion for the Mountains with the most amazing mountaineering crowd in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca in one movie! Massive thanks to our 2400 participants and guests who turned #TransylvaniaMountainFestival 2019 powered by Garmin Cluj – #StepIntoTheMountains edition into THE coolest mountain event in Romania!

#TMF19 – Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 in a nutshell: 5 days, 7 venues, 2400 participants, 12 film premieres, one TMF EXPEDITION, 15 workshops, 4 mountain photography exhibitions, 5 expert talks, 4 outdoor trips & tours, 1 Outdoor Sports & Community Expo, one TMF19 Awards Gala and one Aerial Mountain Rescue Exercise.

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Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 Official After-movie/  by: Ibex Media

REEL ROCK 14 show – one of climbing’s greatest celebrations, was staged at Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019  with a new collection of world premiere films, featuring the powerful and bold Nina Williams and living legends such as: Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright.

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 / After-movie oficial!
REEL ROCK 14 /  The official 2019 poster

The Official Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 Film Selection Was a Hit!

We got really stoked about the amazing TMF19 official film selection bringing on screen exceptional mountain films like the The Pathan Project by Guillaume Broust featuring Nicolas Favresse, Jean-Louis Wertz, Mathieu Maynadier and Carlitos Molina on their expedition in Pakistan (the TMF19 Mountain Film Award Winner) or Patagonia Triple Crown by Lorenzo Andrade and Evan Garcia (semifinalist), the much awaited documentaries Undamaged  by Balkan River Defence or Addicted To Altitude following the evolution of Slovak Himalaya mountaineering or Give Me Wings by Xavier Coll Mountain Films.

Enjoying a wide international participation in all competitions, this year we are once again honored to present the winners of the film, photography, innovation and mountain activity awards. 
The Pathan Project – The TMF19 Mountain Film Award Winner /  The official film poster

We were happy to have Nicolas Favresse – the climber and artist – as a special guest on our Transylvania Mountain Festival friendly stage.

The TMF19 Official Expedition powered by Garmin

We were proud to premiere the TMF 2019 expedition’s documentary supported by Garmin Cluj – called Full Time Challenge, produced by Ibex Media, featuring the alpinists and mountain guides Mihnea Prundeanu and Kyriakos Rossidis on their expedition on Chobutse (Himalaya).

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 / After-movie oficial!
Mihnea Prundeanu and Kyriakos Rossidis  presenting Full Time Challenge /  photo: Gabriel Roșca

Le Voyage du Petit Prince / Pumori SE Ascent – TMF19 Mountain Award Winner

Special applause and congratulations for the TMF19 Mountain Award winning team Romeo Popa, Zsolt Torok (†) și Teofil Vlad for their world premiere ascent on the South-East face of Pumori (7161 m, Himalaya) called Le voyage du Petit Prince. (#CalatoriaMiculuiPrint ) The ascent was also nominated for the 2019 Piolets d’Or shorlist.

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 / After-movie oficial!
Romeo Popa, David Torok, Teofil Vlad receiving the TMF19 Mountain Activity Award /  photo: Gabriel Roșca

Mountain Rescue with Aerial Support Exercise by SALVAMONT and SMURD Cluj

We were totally happy to mark the 50th anniversary of SALVAMONT-SALVASPEO Cluj with its documentary film and special guests – Gheorghe Fratila and Dinu Mititeanu – and the 25th anniversary of SMURD Cluj. Together, the two teams offered the public the first urban Mountain Rescue with Aerial Support exercise in Cluj-Napoca!

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 / After-movie oficial!
Mountain Rescue Exercise with Aerial Support /  photo: Gabriel Roșca

PGHM France Presenting Regulations, Mountain Rescue and Safety in the Alps

We gladly welcomed the PGHM France delegate – Alexandre Auchecorne (mountain rescuer at PGHM Braincon and UIAGM mountain guide) who presented the role of the organisation in France and shared insights on how mountain rescue is done in France and how to prepare for the ascent on Mont Blanc.

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 / After-movie oficial!
Alexandre Auchecorne – PGHM Briancon /  photo: Gabriel Roșca

This year too, we put a spotlight on all mountain sports – alpinism, skiing, snowboarding,  hiking, climbing, canyoning, paragliding, kayaking, biking, caving – via specialized talks, 4 amazing TMF19 mountain photography exhibition, interactive workshops for kids and adults and outdoor tours with the contribution of NIKON Romania, Insta360 Romania, Garmin Romania, Romanian Alpine Club department of Cluj,  SMURD Cluj, Salvamont Salvasepo Cluj, Potecatorii Voluntari Asociatia Ecouri Verzi, Alpine-Tours.com, Centrala de Escalada, Adrenalin Park, Zaiko Adventures, Outdoor4U, SPANDO Ski Team, Ride Now.

We were so happy to have the best show host on stage – Bogdan Bob Radulescu! We salute you and compliment you for the dedication and involvement in this event!

A major round of applause for our amazing key partner Garmin Cluj / Garmin Romania / Garmin Outdoor / Garmin. They brought on stage the story of innovation at Garmin and their commitment to outdoor performance.

Special thanks to NIKON – official photography partner, Insta 360 – official video partner.

And of course, a major and heartily thank you goes to our media main partners: cluj.com, Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca, Zile și Nopți Cluj-Napoca , Cluj Life, Ski & Outdoor Magazin, Transilvania IT, PhiU Net and Info Traffic!

Thank you RADIO GUERRILLA, Radio Cluj and Cluj Web Story for the media support.

Thank you for the empowerment and cooperation INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Cluj and Municipiul Cluj-Napoca, Centrul de Cultura Urbana Casino, Cluj-Napoca European City of Sport 2018.

Incredible support and cooperation from the venues: Cinema Victoria, Cercul Militar, H33, Casino Centrul de Cultură Urbană, UBB-Parcul Sportiv Iuliu Hațieganu.

An event concept by Elfst ™. Brand identity and festival graphics by Black Wolf. New media: The Genuines Print partner: PMA Invest.

Photography coverage by Gabriel Rosca.

After movie by Alexandru Sava – Ibex Media