Relaunching the sports and artistic culture related to mountain, adventure and exploration.

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About 950 mountain lovers from 6 countries gathered between 23-25 November in Cluj-Napoca, at the first edition of the international mountain festival TRANSYLVANIA Mountain Festival 2018 powered by Garmin with the theme Discover Mountains.

TRANSYLVANIA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL 2018 Powered by Garmin, organized by Clubul Sportiv Alpin Universitar in partnership with the Romanian Alpine Club and Cluj-Napoca City Hall, transformed Cluj-Napoca for 3 days into a scene for the mountaineering world, coordinated with talent and good spirits by the host and, since today, a big fan of the event – actor Bogdan Rădulescu.

The world’s hottest adventure films were aired in the first place at Victoria Cinema, in front of a audience curious to learn more about the mountains and about the culture around tehm. We mention: Reel Rock 13 series with breathtaking action, emotional adventures and a lot of humour; Solo Base Documentary film by Xavier Coll, the Special guest who received the film production distinction; the Mountain of Storms documentary relaunched this year at the 50-year anniversary of Patagonia Inc. And the film of the two skiers –  Jackie Paaso and Eva Walkner – Evolution of Dreams.

14 sports and mountain professionals – such as Robert Hajnal, Mihnea Prundeanu, Vasile Cipcigan, etc. have engaged the public in ultra-specialised conversations, hosted with prowess by Bogdan Rădulescu, thus showing the interest of the outdoor community into the various disciplines and activities. The 8 interactive workshops hosted 150 participants interested in mountain photography, drone filming, the first aid course offered by SMURD Cluj, exploration of nature, sport climbing and bouldering, landscape drawing, accurate tracking of markings and navigation in the mountain environment.

Through TMF18 projections and exhibitions, the pilot edition, “Discover Mountains” has showcased all kinds of activities that can be practiced on the mountain: skiing, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, caving, paragliding and BASE jumping, including adventure film production and documentaries, mountain and action photography, the use and development of innovative technologies.

TMF18 Distinction

The festival’s pinnacle was the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2018 powered by Garmin evening gala, with ultra marathoner special guest Robert Hajnal, who also hosted a session dedicated to mountain running.

  • The distinction for photography and the TMF 2018 Trophy was awarded to Cosmin Berghean who impressed the jury composed of Dan Tăuțan, Gabriel Roşca and Alexandru Sava.
  • The distinction for documentary film production and the TMF 2018 Trophy was awarded to Xavier Coll and the stars of the film (David Fuste and Turko), who impressed us with the subject of choice, the technique and the epic thread of the documentary.
  • The distinction for Innovation – Digitization and Automation was awarded to Schubert & Franzke team for the application “Muntii Nostri” (Our Mountains) – a series of thematic maps showing the mountain massifs of Romania.
  • The TMF18 distinction and trophy for lifetime achievements in the field of mountaineering and promotion of mountain activities was awarded to Mr. DINU Mititeanu – the eldest member and honorary president of the Romanian Alpine Club, Cluj University Section. Mr. Dinu Mititeanu has made and makes many educational meetings in schools, universities, and culture houses on mountaineering subjects, such as attractions, risks and challenges. Throughout his life he also hosted radio and TV shows on similar subjects. Over the past 17 years, he has accumulated over 100 mountaineering days a year. The last sixteen New Year Eves, he has spent them camping on the mountain, including at temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius. In short, he is an inspiration for the mountaineering community.

The festival trophy was created by sculptor Florin Tamba and reflects the festival’s theme: a rock of andesite on a bronze pedestal.

TRANSYLVANIA MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL powered by Garmin is structured into four major sections: SPORTS, CAMPUS, INNOVATION and EXPERIENCE. The ultimate goal is to create a platform facilitating the development of original sport and cultural projects in the sphere of mountaineering: mountain and outdoor education projects, alpine expeditions, documentary films, documentary and nature photography, and useful applications for practicing these activities.

In the following interval, the public call for these projects will be launched and a support fund will be created to increase the level and quality of the activities taking place out in the mountains.

We also pursue the coagulation of the outdoor community in the region and to bring a modern perspective on the practice of sports and mountain activities in Eastern Europe. Through Transylvania Mountain Festival, we aim to place again Cluj-Napoca and Romania on the international map of sports and artistic culture related to mountain, adventure and exploration.

Organizer: Clubul Sportiv Alpin Universitar

Main partner: GARMIN Cluj

Institutional partners: Romanian Alpine Club, French Institute of Cluj-Napoca, City Hall of Cluj-Napoca

Partners: 3Pillar Global, SYKES, Transylvania Film

Sponsors: WinterTour, Mountex, Tortelli, Alpin Expe, Alpine Tours, SKAI Urban Crag, Iulius Mall, ITIP, Ursus

Event Promotion and Production partners: Elf ‘St,The Genuines, Black Wolf

Media Partners: Rock FM, Zile & Nopti, Cluj Life,

Media support: Radio Cluj, TVR Cluj,, Cardioguerilla

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