All Mountain | Above The Summits

Transylvania Mountain Festival will once again thrill the fans of mountain sports, techonolgy, film and photography with a daring theme launched with the spring competitions of this year: Above The Summits. The 4th edition of Transylvania Mountain Festival will be held during October 26  – Novemeber 19, based on an „all-mountain“ format, adjusted to the current context.  The local and international audience will get the chance to discover the amazing adventures and life ethos of  those who practice free flight, ski & free ride, kite surfing, MTB, climbing, mountaineering, canyoning, high-lining and hiking!

Congratulations to the competitors from 13 countries who accepted the challenge of this year’s lead theme! As a compliment for all those who submitted their mountain film productions, mountain photography works, innovative projects and sport, Transylvania Mountain Festival team will run the 2021 edition, both online and offline!

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2021 Schedule

Given the current context, the schedule is once again distributed across 4 weeks of educational workshops, sport sessions, outdoor art exhibitions and both online and live screenings. Starting with October 26, mountain and outdoor sports fans will enjoy:

  • The official TMF 2021 outdoor photography exhibition and interactive multimedia, VR and AI sessions.
  • Outdoor educational workshops such as triathlon, sky running, MTB, kayak, paragliding, hiking, outdoor photography, mountain safety and first aid.
  • The official TMF 2021 film show – available both at Cinema Victoria and online, with mountain documentary, mountain shorts and feature film premieres around the lead theme: Abve The Summits.

The full schedule is available on the dedicated page.

The schedule will constantly be updated according to weather conditions and sanitary restrictions.

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2021 Awards Gala

Already a tradition, the winners of Transylvania Mountain Festival trophies and awards will be announced during an official ceremony (in a cozy version), for the following categories:

  • The TMF 2021 Mountain Photography Award
  • The TMF 2021 Mountain Film Award
  • The TMF 2021 Mountain Environment Innovation Award
  • The TMF 2021 Mountain Activity Award

TMF Association promotes mountain knowledge and exploration through sport, education, arts and science – while Transylvania Mountain Festival is the place where athletes, explorers, innovators and creatives that love Nature and Mountains meet! We hope that this program will inspire the local and international community, to generate new initiatives and projects bring back home mountain spirit and love for Nature.

The friends and organizers of TMF 2021 are:

  • Partners: Elf’st – marketing & investment, The Genuines
  • Organizers: Asociația TMF, CSAU – Clubul Sportiv Alpin Universitar

General conditions of access to workshops, exhibitions and screenings:

The access is allowed exclusively to the following audience:

  • Vaccinated persons having accomplished both doses or first dose made 10 days prior to attending the activity with a vaccination certificate.
  • Persons having a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours, or a certified rapid antigen test not older than 24 hours prior to beginning of any activity.

– The organizers will check the vaccination certificates or authorized tests before each activity

– Persons who refuse that their temperature to be measured will be unauthorized for access;

– The audience will have to wear masks (medical/nonmedical) during all activities;

– Children older than 5 years, will have to wear masks.