The most popular moment of the Transylvania Mountain Festival is certainly the announcement of the winners of the TMF awards and trophies. The TMF 2023 Gala took place on 25 November in Cluj-Napoca, at Cinema Victoria.

The 6th edition was organized in the classic festival format. The TMF competitions ran throughout the year and enjoyed international participation from 24 countries.

The BEYOND edition agenda included book launches, photography exhibitions, mixed media, outdoor and educational activities, mountain film screenings at the cinema, community meetings.

TMF 2023 trophies made by Florin Tamba, sculptor. (Photo: Cătălin Grigoriu)

Together with our friend – actor Bogdan BOB Rădulescu and with the partners of the edition, we had again the pleasure to present the lucky winners for the film, photography, innovation and mountain activity sections.

Bogdan BOB Rădulescu – the Master of Ceremony of TMF 2023 Gala . (Photo: Cătălin Grigoriu)

TMF 2023 Mountain Photography Award

The TMF 2023 Mountain Photography Award was won by Ilie Florențiu, his impressive photos made both in Romania and elsewhere in the world.

The announcement was made by Gabriel Motica, founder of Maramont – sponsor of the edition.

Special thanks to our sports partner GARMIN Romania, who awarded an Instinct Solar 2 watch to the winner of the photo competition!

Thanks also to Maramont for providing a set of mountain equipment for hiking and mountain exploration!

Message sent by Ilie Florențiu for our Cinema Victoria audience during the TMF 2023 Gala.

TMF 2023 Mountain Film Award

The TMF Mountain Film Award goes to the docuementary called MOUNTAIN GUIDES (Slovakia, 2023) – directed by Pavol Barabaś for:

  • documenting the 150-year history of mountain guide activity in the Tatra Mountains
  • attempting to capture the essence of the profession or role of mountain guide
  • the narrative thread imposed by renowned director Pavol Barabáš

All of this made the film capture the essence of BEYOND! Mountain guides are the ones who help so many of us achieve our dreams!

Announcing the winning TMF 2023 mountain film – Mountain Guides by Pavol Barabas. (Photo: Cătălin Grigoriu)

The distinctions for mountain films categories are awarded as follows:

  • Best Short TMF 2023: LINE & AIR (CH, 2023) directed by Guido Perrini, Bertrand Delapierre
  • Best Documentary TMF 2023: Mountain Guides (SK, 2023) directed by Pavol Barabáš
  • Best Mountain Feature TMF 2023 : To The Hills And Back (CA, 2023) directed by Mike Quigley
  • Best Story Telling TMF 2023: CHRONOCEPTION (2023) directed by Guillaume Broust

Special mentions go to:

  • A Voyage to Himalaya (RO, 2023)
  • POGO – Hidden Faces (RO-FR, 2023)

TMF 2023 Audience Award  goes to CHRONOCEPTION (2023) directed by Guillaume Broust.

Announcement of the  TMF 2023 Audience Award – CHRONOCEPTION by Guillaume Broust. (Photo: Cătălin Grigoriu)


The TMF 2023 trophy for innovation and creativity in mountain culture is awarded to the ZăpăDoc – Romanian Independent Ski & Snowboard Zine project, initiated by Adrian Crapciu and implemented by the ZăpăDoc collective, especially Orsi Rend and Robert Veres.

ZăpăDoc is a zine about the subculture of snow sliding enthusiasts. About community for community. Some say it’s an underground project, some say it’s an avant-garde project out of the Carpathian snows…. Others say it’s the coolest mixed media concept – digital, print, photo, illustration, drawing, music, film – and yet a project that documents the passions and real lifestyles of people striving to live free!

Thanks to Garmin Romania for supporting the award! Thanks to Maramont for the equipment provided  and the Kong carabiners. Special thanks to Translvania IT Cluster who promoted the innovation competition every year.

Handing over the TMF 2023 creativity & Innovation Award for ZăpăDoc – Adrian Crapciu, Orsi Rend, Robert Veres. (photo: Cătălin Grigoriu).



As every year, the Transylvania Mountain Festival trophy is awarded for outstanding activity and excellent results in the field of mountain sports and outdoor sports, and public education towards an active life.

Under the theme of the edition, BEYOND, the largest photography and documentary film project dedicated to nature in Romania, was honored with the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2023 trophy for activity and impact in the community.: România Sălbatică.

10 years of activity and the project continues with the digital app Wild Romania! An app that we invite you to download and try! Dan Dinu – initiator and founder of the Wild Romania Association joined us on stage!

Dan Dinu – founder of  România Sălbatică (Wild Romania) – winner of TMF 2023 Award.. (Photo: Cătălin Grigoriu)

The awards were announced on stage in the presence of the TMF team, the official delegates for the ceremony reception and the audience present at the film screening at the Victoria Cinema.

At the end of the evening, the organizers and some of the collaborators involved in the project, thanked the audience who return year after year to this mountain festival, unique in content, implementation, authenticity and vision.

TMF team with students from the Faculty of  de Geography  Cluj-Napoca – UBB. (photo: Cătălin Grigoriu) 

TMF 2023 Partners and Friends:

  • Outdoor technologies partner:GARMIN Romania 
  • Academic partners : Facultatea de Geografie – UBB
  • Sport partner:Maramont
  • Screenings and gallery partners:Institut Français de ClujCinema Victoria, Atelier Cafe
  • Printing partner:PMA Invest
  • Mountan Safety partnersSMURD Cluj, Salvamont-Salvaspeo, EEMGA – Eastern European Mountains Guide Association
  • Specialized partner:Clubul Alpin Român – Filiala Cluj,
  • Festival image and design:Black Wolf
  • Media partners: com, Info Traffic,  Transilvania IT, Visit Cluj, Rock FM
  • Partners:Elf’st – marketing & investment,
  • Organizer:Asociația TMF

Transylvania Mountain Festival 2023 Awards were made according to the annual calendar. Congratulations everyone!


The TMF Association promotes knowledge and exploration of the mountain environment through sport, education, art and science – and the Transylvania Mountain Festival is the place where athletes, explorers, innovators and creatives in love with nature and mountains meet! We hope that this programme will inspire the local and international community, generate new initiatives and projects that bring back the mountain spirit and love of Nature among us.