The much awaited moment of Transylvania Mountain Festival is definitely the announcement of the winners of the TMF awards, which took place on November 12 in Cluj-Napoca, at Cinema Victoria.

The 4th expEdition has beautifully deployed its wings again in an ALL MOUNTAIN format with outdoor tours and trainings, live cinema screenings and online film streaming. The TMF competitions rolled during the entire year, while the festival started in October 26 and will end by 19 November.

The agenda of the Above The Summits Edition included photography exhibitions, mixed media gallery, AI generated art, outdoor activities such as paragliding, hiking, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, educational activities on snow safety and first aid and the mountain film selection screened both live and online.

Having international participation from 13 countries, the Transylvania Mountain Festival 2021 became one of the cutting edge events in Europe!

The TMF 2021 tropheys made by Florin Tamba, sculptor. (Photo: Dan Tăuțan)

Along with our energetic master of ceremony – Bogdan Bob Rădulescu and the partners of this edition, we are honored to present to you all the happy winners of the mountain film, photography, innovation and mountain activity competitions.

Bogdan Bob Rădulescu – the master of ceremony of our TMF 2021 gala . (Photo: Dan Tăuțan)


The TMF 2021 Mountain Photography Award goes to  Julia Roger-Veyer, for her stunning sport and landscape photos in competition that have carried us above the summits and glaciers in the French Alps. Congratulations!

The announcement was done by mr. Gabriel Motica, founder of Maramontsport and photographer himself.

Special thanks to our sport partner GARMIN Romania, for offering an Instinct Solar to the winner to be used during mountain activities.

And thank you Maramontsport for offering a nice mountain equipment set to be used while hiking and exploring the mountains!

Presenting Julie Roger-Veyer’s message on the big screen at Cinema Victoria ‘during the TMF 2021 Awards Ceremony.


The Mountain Innovation Award goes to TERRASIGNA for the “National Ground Monitoring – Romania between 2015-2020” project! The application aims to  use in an intelligent way the Sentinel-1 radar satellite data available for the entire surface of Romania, with a frequency of 6/12 days, in order to offer innovative ground and infrastructure monitoring products at national level, using the latest space-based technology and technique, PSI – Permanent Scatterers Interferometry. This technique allows millimetric precision measurement of ground displacement on the satellite’s viewing direction (approximatively vertical)  in those points that reflect the radar signal back to the source. TERRASIGNA is one of the few accredited European Space Agency suppliers for delivering PSI services.

The innovative aspects of the project rely both in the processing method of Sentinel-1 data in SLC (Single Look Complex) format of high volume (10 Tb per year for Romania’s territory), and in the final product, the ground displacement map for the country territory, being the first product of this kind. Congratulations!

Special thanks to Translvania IT Cluster who promoted each year the innovation competition among the IT community in the region.

Codrina Ilie – from TERRASIGNA – the winning team of TMF 2021 Mountain innovation Award. (Photo: Dan Tăuțan)


The TMF 2021 Mountain Film Award goes to the Swissway to Heaven (CH, 2021) film directed by Guillaume Broust, produced by Guillaume Broust and Cedric Lachat. The film explores Switzerland’s multi-pitch climbing areas, from Cedric Lachat’s perspective who was born and raised there. Five iconic peaks and mountain ranges are highlighted during hard climbing (8a and up) sessions:

  • Eiger, “Odyssée”, 8a+ with Tobias Suter,
  • Lauterbrunnental, “The Fly”, 8c with Tobias Suter
  • Gastlosen, “Yeah Man”, 8b+ with Melissa Le Nevé
  • Wendenstöcke, “Zahir”, 8b+ with Fabien Dugit
  • Rätikon, “Wögu”, 8c with Nina Caprez

The evolution of climbing is being revealed through interviews with the first ascensionist and an interesting trial for modern climbers to use historical climbing gear.

The film also selected as the best rock- climbing film during TMF 2021.

Director Statement: “Swissway to Heaven is a pure climbing film that showcases an extraordinary country and its amazing mountain terrain. The audience will enjoy learning about the history, values, and evolution of multi-pitch climbing in Switzerland.”  Guillaume Broust

The poster of the Swissway to Heaven, directed by Guillaume Broust (2021).
Bogdan Bob Radulescu announcing the TMF 2021 Mountain Film winner. (Photo: Dan Tăuțan)


In 2021 the jury analyzed the overall activity in the areas of mountain sports achievements, mountain community involvement and dedication to promote mountain activities among new generations.

For the life-time outstanding results in rock-climbing and mountaineering, alpine-skiing and mountain biking, the TMF 2021 Mountain Activity Award goes to János Török also know as “Joe The Indian”.

Starting his mountaineering career in 1985 he is also the lead protagonist of +70 rock climbing routes in Turda Gorges, Vadul Crișului, Bicaz Gorges, Creasta Cocoșului, Limpedea Crag, etc.

His ascent palamares includes big walls in the Alps (Eiger, Matterhorn, Grand Jorasses, etc.) and expeditions in the Himalayas (Nanga Parbat). Always attentive to his climbing partners, Joe distinguished himself for elegant moves, speed and impressive mental power.

His alpine skiing career began in 1995, reaching high performance in a relative short time! He was on the podium of national and European championships,  in individual and team races, with over 30 titles and medals!

He was also a performer and pioneer in mountain in biking, winning a few races but also organizing some!

In addition to all the above he is also a mountain rescuer.

Congratulations János Török also known as “Joe the Indian”.

Thank you Garmin Romania – our sports partner for supporting this award with a nice Garmin Instinct Solar outdoor watch!

Special thanks to Maramontsport for supporting this award with mountain equipment.

János Török also known Joe the Indian  – special guest and winner of the TMF 2021 Mountain Activity Award. (Photo: Dan Tăuțan)

The awards have been announced on stage, in a hybrid manner, in the presence of our dear master of ceremony – Bogdan Bob Rădulescu, the official delegates for the awards reception and the audience present at Cinema Victoria for the film screening.

The friends and organizers of TMF 2021 are:

  • Partners: Elf’st – marketing & investment, The Genuines
  • Organizers: Asociația TMF, CSAU – Clubul Sportiv Alpin Universitar

Transylvania Mountain Festival Awards 2021 annoucements were made as scheduled for 2021, in a hybrid format. Bravo for the organization!


TMF Association promotes mountain knowledge and exploration through sport, education, arts and science – while Transylvania Mountain Festival is the place where athletes, explorers, innovators and creatives that love Nature and Mountains meet! We hope that this program will inspire the local and international community, to generate new initiatives and projects bring back home mountain spirit and love for Nature.