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When you can imagine yourself doing something, nothing will stand against you. This is how we introduce to you David Fusté Vilella an authentic free thinker, free flyer, free climber and free jumper. The idea of freedom, of living in tune with Nature’s rhythms and  changes, manifests through David’s entire life and that is why probably he succeeds most of what he is putting his mind up to. From making 8a or 7c on sight climbs, free soloing 7 b routes and doing it naked (without clothes or shoes), solo ice climbing, crazy highlining and being one of the first to adopt solo BASE or free BASE practices, David continues to explore new possibilities of combining his true passions.

Since you will have the chance to see David Fusté Vilella’s climbing and flying adventure this March, at cinema Arta, on the occasion of the screening of SOLO BASE by director Xavier Coll, during the TMF Rocks Show, as the winning movie of Transylvania Mountain Festival 2018 powered by Garmin, we bring David closer to you, via this special interview.

David Fusté Vilella – portrait.

David Fusté Vilella is an extreme athlete and a passionate of any sport practiced in pure nature and that requires not only physical an technical preparation, but also a great mental strength.

Born in Ponts, a small village from Lleida (Catalunya) he learnt to love Nature thanks to his parents. He started as a young mountaineer and freeskier. Later on David evolved into three new passions: climbing, highlining and BASE jumping.

David always combined his passions with Computer Science, and once he was invested as Philosophy Doctor in Computer Networks in 2008, David decided to launch himself into the adventure of looking for new projects that will push his limits and will make him feel like an animal on this beautiful world in which we are passing through.

You will discover an authentic free spirit.

David Fusté Vilella free soloing without clothes nor climbing shoes. 

[D.C. – Diana Ciorba]: When did you start climbing and jumping or flying?  How did it happen?

David Fusté Vilella: Everything started when I was 6 years, not as a climber or base jumper but as a skier! :) My parents always loved the mountains, and probably the snow was my first point of contact with nature.

Although I had a high infatuation for freeride skiing, when I was 14, I decided to start climbing with some friends of my hometown. What, at the beginning, was just a summer activity waiting for the snowy winters, suddenly became my way of life, to the point that I totally stopped skiing to be focused in climbing for the entire year :)

And it was not until I was 28 that I started free soloing and at the same time decided to add base jumping in my curriculum. At the beginning I just wanted to learn base jumping as a beautiful combination while climbing multi-pitch routes, but the more I was jumping, the more I was into it. I did never stop climbing, but at the very beginning I remember myself forgetting about everything except jumping!

[D.C.]: Is this a new lifestyle ? What are the principles behind it that motivate you?

David Fusté Vilella: Yes, definitely. Climbing, jumping, these are all sports, or nature activities, or whatever we want to call them, but for sure that for a lot of people these are also lifestyles. We base our time, our job, our passion, our life in these activities, so why not calling it a lifestyle?

Concerning the principles behind my motivation, that is very simple to answer, but very deep to feel. I do like animals more than humans. I do like nature more than cities. So as a human that I am, I am trying to enjoy my life as close as possible to an animal life in the mountains. I just want to be there with them, and when they allow you to do that, that is so beautiful!

By the way, I am not saying I am leaving in a cave. I am a doctor in computer science. :)

[D.C.]: How do you make sure the equipment is safe?

David Fusté Vilella: Nowadays we are lucky enough to have gear of great quality. You are putting your life in hands of your climbing and base jumping gear. Taking good care of your gear is a must have!

[D.C.]: What criteria must be met in order to open a new jumping area?

David Fusté Vilella: First requirement is to enjoy the journey, and not just the jump. If you just want to jump as much as possible, then just go repeating some “easy-access” jumps. But in my case, I always prefer quality over quantity. Opening new jumps makes you feel like a kid with a first candy. Thinking about which type of packing will you need for the new jump, doing the laser and map measurements of the terrain, making the calculations (will it be jumpable? Will we be able to reach the landing area?), gearing the exit point with ropes if needed, finding new paths…these are all extras which make you enjoy the new jump, no matter how many seconds you will do later on in free fall when jumping.

[D.C.]: What do you enjoy most in this sport?

David Fusté Vilella: What I enjoy the most is being wild while enjoying the beauty of nature, feeling less human, and more animal.


[D.C.]: How about “Solo Base” film winning the award for the best movie production at Transylvania Mountain Festival?

David Fusté Vilella: So happy when I got the news! So sad I was not able to attend! But here I must say all the effort comes to Xavi Coll, the director of the movie. I just did some naked climbing and stuff like this, but he is the one who did my white ass…sorry, the movie, so great! :) So it is not me winning the award, it is him!

[D.C.]: A message for your fans and for those who tackle to climb, jump and fly?

David Fusté Vilella: Hahaha. I don’t have fans! But if I have to send a message to the world, then I will say you better love what you do, because passion is our best engine!

Solo Base, (2016) / producer: Xavi Coll Mountain Films/ director: Xavier Coll


Thank you David, for bringing so much energy in this world and for being open to share your thought with us.

For those who are curious about his climbing & flying story, along with his friend Turko Ortiz, you are welcome to attend the SOLO BASE screening at cinema Arta, as the first film of TMF Rocks Show 2020, starting at 19:00.

Book your seats here: https://eventbook.ro/film/bilete-tmf-rocks-show

Interview prepared by Diana Ciorba.

Cluj-Napoca, 03/03/2020