Sanitary Rules During TMF Activities

In The Context of Covid19

Everyone’s safety is our top priority.

In order to respect all the sanitary norms in order to prevent the spread of Covid19, we kindly ask you all to respect the following rules:

  • Each person will be thermo-scanned before accessing the area of any outdoor/indoor activity.
  • It is forbidden to attend any activity if your body temperature exceeds 37,3º or you have respiratory infectious disease symptoms (coughing, sneezing, rhinorrhea)
  • The imposed limit of participants must be strictly respected for each activity.
  • Bookings for workshops and activities are mandatory.
  • Wearing mask over the nose and mouth (!) is mandatory, during all activities that can be done safely with mask.
  • It is mandatory to respect the physical distance of 2 m and to respect the circulation route set by the organizers.
  • The persons living in the same household or arriving in groups (of max. 3 persons) can remain in their group.
  • Use the barrier gesture that prevent the spread of COVID-19 (say hello from a distance, sneeze in your elbow, disinfect hands and objects often, wear mask, take care of your and the others)
  • Use disinfectant each time you need to.
  • For all outdoor activities it is recommended that you wear closed technical gloves.
  • It is recommended that you bring your own equipment whenever it is possible.
  • It is strictly forbidden to attend activities if you have met persons diagnosed with Covid19 or suspect to be infected with the novel coronavirus in the last 14 days.

In order to keep our community safe, please respect and help us implement these simple rules.

Thank you!

Transylvania Mountain Festival Team