#DiscoverMountains #TMF2018 #Workshop

How to navigate in the mountains by phone? Saturday / 24.11.2018 / Mountain Navigation Workshop ( 18 Piața Ștefan cel Mare Square) with Anca Brișan. FREE ACCESS .

It will mostly be a hands on workshop, where we will try to understand how satellite navigation systems and smartphones can help us find our position and our way on mountain trails. 🔝🏔️

  • We will install a few open source apps for mountain navigation
  • We will learn how to create a track, or how to load a track in an application, and next we will do some tours in the city to check it :)
  • We will see how we can use OSM (Open Street Maps) and other open source maps with the loaded track so we can also find out what type of landforms surround us, not only our location.

Foto credits: Dia Somogyi