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An incredible motivation, loads of talent and a great stubbornness: this is Adrian Vălean, in short, one of the most active climbers, skiers and mountain guides in Romania.

Adrian Vălean, an IT engineer, has been noticed in our alpine community due to its expeditions and ascensions in the Caucasus, the Himalayas,  the Andes, the Alps and most important for setting foundation of some of the most ample and highly specialized projects in the Carpathians Mountains from Romania.

Since we had the chance to learn more about his initiatives in the alpine field, we bring Adi closer to our community through this special interview: ADRIAN VĂLEAN – The Harsh Paths Of Freedom  

Adrian Vălean /  portrait in the mountains.

[D.C. – Diana Ciorba]: When and how did you decide to shift – to “traverse” – from IT engineering to mountain climbing and guiding?

Adrian Vălean: I am not sure whereas I can define exactly when and how this “traverse” happened. There have been many activities who “rolled” in parallel for a lengthy time. Nevertheless, from a professional perspective, in 2013 I completely dropped out of the office and dedicated myself entirely to the mountains.

[D.C.]: What is the story behind the expression ”Free Country” ?

Adrian Vălean: It is as it is because the mountain has always been the land of those who assume the harsh paths of Freedom.

Adrian Vălean / ice climbing.

[D.C.]: What would be the experience which marked you the most as a climber, skier and mlountain guide?

Adrian Vălean: In 2012, during the Kanchenjunga expedition, a helicopter was flying over our base camp straight to the summit. I followed it until it has gone from my sight. It reappeared a few minutes later. That is when I realized what mountain “scale” meant and how far the summit actually was.  I was shocked to acknowledge the real dimension of these giants.  I remember that the alpinist Cornel Gălescu use to tell something similar about his expedition in Dhaulagiri.

[D.C.]: What is the source of this huge energy for all your projects?

Adrian Vălean: As a kid, I was motivated at the max to finish my homework as soon as possible in order to be able to go out and play. This is how I have learned to be efficient.  It is more about self-organization than about much consumed energy :). The motivation emerges from the passion with which I do everything.

Adrian Vălean / on winter terrain.

[D.C.]: What can you tell us about the courses and modules that you and your team are currently organizing?

Adrian Vălean: In 2007 I have started a series of workshops on winter alpinism in Retezat Mountains. This project has grown steadily and it is now Adventureguide Mountain Academy, a project that includes Winter and Summer Mountain School: including courses of ski touring, alpine-skiing, off piste skiing and avalanche and safety training during winter; rock and mixed climbing, mountaineering and survival courses during summer; each of these courses being split for various levels: initiation, basic and advanced.

Adrian Vălean / during a Mountain Academy course

[D.C.]: What do Făgăraș Mountains mean to you?

Adrian Vălean: Făgăraș is the land where I discovered how close happiness is to the void. It is my home and garden, and of those who understand to rejoice respectfully in its beauty.

Adrian Vălean / about taking responsibility for the risk on the mountain

[D.C.]: A tip for those who wish to discover the charms of altitude:

Adrian Vălean: There are probably enough of those who enjoyed the clouds dancing and the sense of freedom you find on mountain tops. But, put aside the immense energy that mountains inspire to us all, it is a fragile space threatened by greed, incompetence, selfishness and so often, narrowness of mind.

It is the duty of those who truly love Nature to protect this wonderful world.

If you love mountains and it seems natural to spend time out there, it is mandatory to also take responsibility in your hands and protect them.


Thank you Adrian, for your dedication in everything you do and for sharing your talent with us.  

For those who wish to follow his mountain projects about ski, mountaineering, rock climbing and running, you are welcome to follow his official pages:

Interview: “ADRIAN VĂLEAN – On The Harsh Paths Of Freedom” – prepared by Diana Ciorba.

Cluj-Napoca, 05/08/2020