Get ready for REEL ROCK, again in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania region, Romania, at TMF Transylvania Mountain Festival 2019 powered by Garmin!

This November, REEL ROCK 14 returns with a new selection of the best world premiere climbing films, with breathtaking action, heartbreaking adventures and lots of fun!

Film Line-Up

In The High Road, the powerful and bold Nina Williams tests herself on some of the highest, most difficult boulder problems ever climbed.

In United States of Joe’s climbers collide with a conservative coal mining community in rural Utah, to surprising results.

And in The Nose Speed Record, legends Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold battle Yosemite dirtbags Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright in a high stakes race for greatness.


Each year, REEL ROCK Film Tour premieres the best climbing movies for communities around the world. With 500 screening halls in more than 40 countries –  REEL ROCK events promote athletes and film makes, offers event activations for sponsors and facilitates fund raising for non-profit organizations.

Founded in 2005 by film producers Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer, REEL ROCK has grown into the premiere global platform for award-winning climbing films that weave bold action, humor, heart, and soul into larger-than-life human stories for a wide audience, from the core climber to the armchair mountaineer. From feature documentaries like The Dawn Wall and Valley Uprising to surprising shorts like Dodo’s Delight and Alone on the Wall, REEL ROCK films have earned dozens of festival awards, rave reviews, and even Emmy’s.

We hope that the  REEL ROCK 14 during the Transylvania Mountain Festival powered by Garmin will open new perspectives on mountains and the limits of the people who explore them.

The athletes featured in the Reel Rock 14  edition are: NINA WILLIAMS, ALEX HONNOLD, TOMMY CALDWELL, JIM REYNOLDS, BRAD GOBRIGHT.

More about the 2019 film line-up, in our next posts!