The full documentary film by Perrine & Guillaume Broust

The Sounds of Water | Les Chants de l’Eau – The Full Documentary Film online. Perrine & Guillaume Broust raise awareness on our relationship with water.

On Earth Day 2020, Perrine Broust & Guillaume Broust launched online their inspiring documentary: The Sounds of Water  (Les Chants de l’Eau).

If it happened during your adventures, expeditions or daily life to face lack of water or its abundance, you probably understand why water is essential to our life.

Making a trip around the world, where they met local populations in big cities and remote villages, Perrine Broust & Guillaume Broust documented the relationship that people from different landscapes and communities have with water. It took them 11 months to film and conduct 80 interviews in 9 languages, and 2 years of editing, resulting in an overall 5 years of their life to produce this 52-min self-financed documentary, called “The Sounds of Water”. 

The questions this impressive documentary raises are: How is water perceived and used? What are the benefits and risks of water? What are the legends we are told about water? What is its history? You will get the chance to see fishermen, farmers, free divers, ministers, researchers giving answers or raising more questions.

The sounds of water dcumentary film

The Sounds of Water | Les Chants de l’Eau

The film is available online.

Subtitles are available in: FR-EN-ES

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Producers & Directors

Produced and directed by Perrine & Guillaume Broust 

Original Soundtrack

The music of the film “The Sound of Water” has been composed by LinkRust et Zikali.

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